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Kimalia Adventure Safaris welcomes you to explore the enchanting landscapes of Africa while enjoying a comfortable and unforgettable stay in our accommodations. We promise a journey of adventure paired with the comforts of home in our varied accommodation options.

Luxurious Tented Camps

Discover the enthralling African wilderness while enjoying the luxuries of a five-star hotel in our Tented Camps. Imagine sleeping under the African sky in a comfortable bed, with the wild, yet calming sounds of nature as your lullaby. Every tent is fully furnished with comfortable seating, modern bathrooms, and your own private terrace. A truly unique blend of wild adventure and comfort!

Eco-friendly Lodges

With sustainability at the heart of our operations, our Eco Lodges offer you the chance to be a part of our conservation efforts without sacrificing comfort. Constructed with locally-sourced, sustainable materials, these lodges merge with the surroundings while providing you with a cozy and warm space. With solar-powered lights and amazing views from your private balcony, you contribute to our beautiful planet while enjoying your stay.

Private Safari Villas

If you’re looking for a lavish and exclusive stay, our Safari Villas are perfect for you. Offering multiple bedrooms, private pools, personalized butler services, and exclusive safari drives, our villas provide a premium experience. Dive into the extraordinary wilderness of Africa while relishing the pinnacle of luxury.

Authentic Bush Campsites

Experience the true spirit of Africa with our Bush Campsites. Enjoy the thrill of living in the great outdoors under the vast African sky. Our campsites provide basic amenities for the adventure enthusiasts. Engage in heartwarming conversations around a fire, creating unforgettable memories.

All-round Services and Amenities

Whether you choose to stay in our tents, lodges, villas, or campsites, you can expect the finest services and amenities. Here’s what we offer:

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Round-the-clock security services
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Laundry service
  • Expertly guided tours and safaris
  • Exquisite culinary delights from our experienced chefs

Your African adventure awaits! Regardless of what you’re looking for – thrill, tranquillity, or a memorable family vacation – Kimalia Adventure Safaris has something for everyone.

Begin your unforgettable journey today. Book your stay with Kimalia Adventure Safaris now.